biblio: Psychoanalytical Notebooks, issue 10

Psychoanalytical Notebooks has published many issues with texts of relevance to the themes of semblant and sinthome.  We will review some of those in a series of postings.  The publication is available for purchase on the website of the London Society of the New Lacanian School

In Psychoanalytical Notebooks, issue 10

“The Work of the Symptom” by Patrick Monribot — Monribot address the question “What is the real of the symptom, and in what manner can we impute work to it?” from the perspective of what we have learned from the psychoanalytic experience, especially the work of the Analysts of the School, those who have completed the Pass.

“Coming to Terms with the Symptom” by Alain Merlet — A case is presented of a man who had several analyses, which led him in the end to be able to come to terms with his sinthome.


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