biblio: Psychoanalytical Notebooks, issue 20

an announcement today from The London Society of the New Lacanian School:

The new issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks, No. 20, ‘Object a & the Semblant’ is out now. It features a translation of an original text by Jacques Lacan: ‘Note on the Child’.
The Psychoanalytical Notebooks are available to buy online from our website:



Jacques Lacan  Note on the Child 7

The Child and Object a
Jacques-Alain Miller  The Family Bond in the Psychoanalytic Experience 11
Jacques-Alain Miller  The Child, a Response from the Real 13
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen  Semblants and Fictions in the Clinic with Children 17

Lacanian Orientation
Jacques-Alain Miller  On the Nature of Semblants – Lacanian Clinic 25

The Real and Object a
Rose-Paule Vinciguerra  The Object Voice 41
Alexandre Stevens  The Real and the Objects a in the Analytic Experience 51
Bernard Seynhaeve  The Drive – The Voice, the Gaze and her Smile 55
Philippe de Georges On Jouissance 59

The Semblant
Joseph Attié  Melancholia 65
Graciela Brodsky  Truth and Lies 69
Jésus Santiago  Semblantisation and Nominalism 73
Hebe Tizio  The Analyst and the Semblants 77
Marie-Hélène Blancard  The Invention of a Writing 83

The Letter and The Semblant
Pierre Skriabine  The Ink and the Brush – Remarks on the Particular and the Universal 91
Alexandre Stevens  The Clinic of the Letter 97


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