Congress: Message, Dec. 6, 2009 (Exec Comm)


Aggiornamento of the WAP 2010 Congress

Two weeks ago, on Monday, the 23rd of  November, the  Journal des Journées n.61 announced that new plans would be launched for the Congress in April, taking into account what the November Journeys in Paris meant for the Freudian Field as a whole. The plans announced then were particularly meant to partially open the work for the non-members, the “new participants”.

Meanwhile the ENAPaOL took place in Buenos Aires. To update the Congress with that new event, which reverberates and enlarges the former, it is necessary to have a broader opening as well as to reconsider the pre-established program, from the very beginning.

Therefore, after consulting the organization committee, listening to the opinion expressed by the responsible in each of the seven Schools, in the Freudian Field Foundation and in the WAP, the three following decisions were made, which cancelled the former dispositions:

1.     The entire work of the 2010 Congress will be open to new participants.

2.      They will be able not only to attend the work, but also to participate in it.

3.      Registration: 4 days, 95 euros, European zone; 95 dollars, American zone.

A registration form, for the new participants, will soon be on line. The new program plans will be divulged as soon as they are ready. Consequently, a new call for contributions will be released for the new comers as well as for the members of the WAP.

Paris, December 6th, 2009

Executive Committee: Éric Laurent, president of the WAP ; Luis Solano, Congress Director; Gil Caroz, secretary of the WAP; Anne Ganivet-Poumellec, secretary of the Congress; Jean-Loup Morin, treasurer; Jacques-Alain Miller, former president.

Translation: Heloisa Caldas.


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