Congress: Message, Dec 1, 2009 (A Lysy-Stevens)

from the NLS-Messager:

VIIth Congress  of the WAP

« Semblants and sinthome »

Paris 26-30th April 2010




In the Journal of the Journees 61, Eric Laurent, Delegate General of the WAP, made the announcement that the April 2010 Congress to be held in Paris is opened to anybody who may be interested. There is no need to be a member of the WAP to attend the first 3 days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) just the desire to know how today’s psychoanalysts, coming from distant part of the world and brought together in the same Lacanian orientation, are willing to get unstuck from their acquired knowledge and to re-interpret psychoanalysis!

“Semblants and Sinthome”: what a subtle couple! What is its principle? Internal tension, opposition, a part for the whole, plural-singular, asymptotic convergence?

Jacques-Alain Miller is very skilled in provoking unexpected effects with this pairings, as we were able to see at the Days of the ECF in Paris. This title he proposed to the WAP resonates with two concepts of Lacan’s late teachings. We will be exploring them and discovering their operative force in the course of a cure; measuring the pertinence in order to articulate  the end of analysis and examine the pass today.

Let’s reply to Jacques-Alain Miller’s invitation to “articulate the dialectic of meaning and jouissance in the analytic experience” and to highlight in every case “the edge of semblant that locates the nucleus of jouissance”. The new voice that has emerged at the beginning of November will have rippled effects on our Congress and on the WAP itself. Already, it has provoked a complete revision of its organisation. What follows depends on each one of us.

It is now urgent to let people know all around you that the Congress is opened. Please register without delay!

To register and for all the necessary information, please go to the new blog:

For members, the fee will go up on the 1st January 2010

For non members, the first three days will be opened at the exceptional rate of €70. They will have access to the television rooms.

The Congress is being prepared in different places of the NLS —as you can see in the attached document (NLS Messager 611–to be posted when available). It is now time to attend it!

Anne Lysy-Stevens,

Action Committee of the School One


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