biblio: “The Later Lacan: An Introduction” (eds, V Voruz and B Wolf)

The Later Lacan: An Introduction, edited by Véronique Voruz and Bogdan Wolf, and published by SUNY Press, is an important English-language collection of recent texts by psychoanalysts of the World Association of Psychoanalysis, in-print and readily available in bookstores or online.  This book contains some of the most critical texts published in recent years by WAP Members available in English, and is a critical reference for those interested in psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation.

It contains several texts relevant to semblant and sinthome:

“The Sinthome, a Mixture of Symptom and Fantasy” (Jacques-Alain Miller): text transcribed from JAM’s Seminar “Ce qui fait insigne” from 1986-87.  see C Bonningue’s annotated bibliography for the context for this text

“Two Statuses of the Symptom: ‘Let Us Turn to Finn Again'” (Jean-Louis Gault): place of the sinthome in the treatment of psychosis

“Hysteria and Sinthome” (Marie-Hélène Brousse): taking the sinthome out of its original Joycean context (psychosis) and its use with regard to the case of a hysterical woman

“Identification with the Symptom at the End of Analysis” (Esthela Solano-Suárez): deriving from work on the Pass and the question of the end of analysis, perspectives on the end of analysis from the standpoint of the symptom

“Three Enigmas: Mwaning, Signification, Jouissance” (Eric Laurent): some remarks on the changed status of the symptom at various moments in psychoanalysis

“Women and the Symptom: The Case of the Post-Freudian” (Pierre-Gilles Gueguen): a reading of different positions on the symptom taken by Tower, Sharpe, Deutsch, and Rivière in distinction to the Lacanian approach


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