Congress: “The Outcome of This Week’s Congress Will Have Changed the Face of the WAP” (L Solano)

from the Journal des Journées, n. 61:

The outcome of this week’s congress will have changed the face of the WAP.

Luis Solano, Congress Director

Less than five months separate us from what, I fervently wish and hope, will be an important WAP Congress.  How not to conceive it with the unprecedented opportunity of benefiting from the « Paris Happening» that came at the right moment to boost the recentering on what is essential in our Schools of the World Association of Psychoanalysis.

The wager made and put to act by the director of the recent Journées of the eldest of the Schools of the WAP, with its members and non-members, was not only kept, but far exceeded the most optimistic calculations.  The narratives of the relationship that each speaker has with the analytical cause were marked by an authenticity, rigor and sobriety that is a milestone and leaves us all with an indelible memory.  The enthousiasm that it awakened in us continues to manifest itself.  Here is the fortune that will accompany us to the date of our rendez-vous.

At this Congress we will be members of the seven schools, as numerous as possible, and we would hope that this wave of studious implication wash over all of the schools, without exception.  We want this Parisian scansion to be able to penetrate the deepest part of the very tissue of each one of them so that we can maintain and reinvent a living psychoanalysis in the XXIst century. So that the analytical discourse equal what it is meant to serve and show no sign of  weakness in face of the modern master and the discontents of civilization.

We want a Congress where the members are just as determined to disolve what rusts and mortally attacks psychoanalysis : the immobilism, the inertia and the other automatons that takes over  when the touch of madness no longer belongs to our repertoire, to our resolve and to our action.  Would we have an obsure tendency to hinder and imprison ourselves ?  The Happening in Paris proved otherwise, proved that it can be otherwise.  Let’s meet again around the School willed for by Lacan.

This VIIth WAP Congress, and the first to be held in Paris, must more than ever wager on the future of the psychoanalytical discourse, so that new generations can be formed and determined to make it exist in the way that we received if from Lacan’s teaching.  Jacques-Alain Miller’s Class of the Lacanian Orentation continues to light our way there.

The Clinical Day

The Clinical Day will be held, in the middle of our Congress, on Wednesday, April 28.  It will take place in four rooms simultaneously, without translations.  The 48 papers chosen will be presented two by two, in three one hour sequences, equally distibuted in the morning and the afternoon.  The presentation which will not exceed 15 minutes each, will allow us at least a half hour for discussion.

We have received a total of 82 propositions for papers.  They were distributed as soon as they arrived to the Scientific Committee of the Clinical Day, made up of members of the Action Committee (Yves Depelsenaire, Armand Zaloszyc, Esthela Solano-Suarez, Dominique Laurent et Philippe La Sagna).

The Commission carefully read the 82 propositions, quite often discussing and exchanging with the authors on particular points to better, and sometimes re-write, them.  The result of this work, involving commentaries and propositions, was transmitted to the President of the WAP and to the Director of the Congress who will take that into account for the selection of the 48 papers ultimately chosen.  Later, the authors will receive confirmation of the results of the selection. Selection which was guided all along, by the pertinence of the proposed text with the theme of the Congress, by its innovative character, the surprize of the effect produced by such and such intervention, by the new and in all cases, the well-speaking of its author.


The Silicet, already published in French last May, was sent to all those enrolled through the ECF and the NLS.  The Spanish version of Silicet whose publication was announced for the end of November, will be sent to those enrolled via the EOL, the NEL and the ELP.  The Italian version of Silicet will be sent to those enrolled through the SLP, and the Portuguese version will be sent to EBP enrollees.

To enroll

This is where we are to date.  The JJ will keep you up to date on the oragnization of the Congress.  Furthermore, we invite you to visit the Congress web site which, for the first time, is in five languages.  There you will find the Papers of the Action Committee, the thematic bibliography, an annotated bibliography, useful information for your stay in Paris, reports on the Preparatory Evenings of the Schools, and the enrollment form for the Congress.

Enrollment has been open since last January. The enrollment fee increases on January 1st, 2010.  Enroll before then. Rendez-vous on the Blog to do so, if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget to enroll for the Closing party.  The one organized by the ECF on November 8th was a success where desire, grace and joy came to meet.

translated from French by Julia Richards


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