Congress: “Rethinking the Congress based on the Paris Event” (G Caroz)

from the Journal des Journées, n. 61:

Rethinking the Congress based on the Paris Event

Gil Caroz, Secretary of the WAP [World Association of Psychoanalysis]

The renewal of the pact with the unconscious isn’t only an ECF-ian, Franco-Belgian, or European affair.  The force of the event that constituted the 38th Study Days of the ECF [École de la Cause freudienne] and their preparation was at the level of a return to Freud, to that which Lacan called its propulsion, without which we would continue in our wandering, slowly skidding to a halt.  Today, in the après-coup of the Study Days, one might say that we were almost there.

Now, there is no pure desire.  The new breath that we experienced will not blow without stopping.  Jacques-Alain Miller made that remark more than once: the opening that the Study Days produced—comparing it to the opening of the unconscious—will finish by fading at a certain moment.  But everything that we might set up in this moment of opening will be terrain gained for the future of psychoanalysis, up to the next “new breath” that will without doubt be designated differently.  Better then to profit from this moment to open to the Schools of the WAP the possibility to benefit from this breath, from this renewed propulsion, if they desire.

From the appearance of the first JJ [Journal des Journées], September 2, 2009 and the 38th Study Days of the ECF, two months passed.  Five months separate us from the Congress of the AMP that will be held April 26 through 30, 2010.  Put otherwise, we have the time to see how to do it.  The Paris event showed us that a small shift suffices—in order that in the ECF, where it was said to “no longer have any interest in the Pass”—230 Members and Associates give testimony of their relationship to the unconscious in their path to “become analysts.”   I make the wager that a small shift, still yet to be found, would permit the renewal of interest in the theme “Semblants and Sinthome.”

The ambition to transmit “the Paris event” to the other Schools must give proof of an inventive spirit.  Certainly, something happened with the JJ, the Twitter and the blogs.  The JJ was distributed regularly by the electronic lists of some Schools.  Some took it upon themselves to translate it into their language.  But the signifier doesn’t suffice in saying what happened during the Study Days.  Besides, what happened?  All that we can say for the moment is that there was a presence of the object in the Study Days, of which the signs were the tears and the smiles, but also, a bit more discrete, the anger and the hatred: “Unacceptable!  One can’t present texts like that!”  In short, there was the libido.

If the signifier doesn’t suffice to transmit the object that circulated in the heart of the Study Days, it is because, like the proper name, the object cannot be translated, it transfers itself.  Put differently, it implies, for its transmission, a shifting of the bodies.  In the presence of a large number of Members, the upcoming Congress of the WAP will be an occasion to make it happen.

I propose to the members of the WAP who are not members of the ECF but who were at the Study Days in Paris to carry the transmission of the new breath to the heart of the WAP.  I wish, for a first moment, to make a list of those colleagues.  Those who know their Schools from the inside and who traveled to be pierced and affected by the Paris event are possibly the best placed to give witness to and open the path to the transference of the object to the Schools.

Once this list is established, I will request that these colleagues send (if they support this) a work, a text, in which they cover two points:

1. The color that the Paris event would take in their School.

2. The consequences that this might have on the program of the Congress of the WAP.

That they do it in the way that they want to (and if they want to), in making the object appear in the discourse, in spite of the resistance of the signifier, the only demand is that the text carries the trace of a well-said work.  We are now longer in the tributes and emotions.

These first works of “present at the event” will be, I hope, the departure point of a generalized brainstorming in the WAP.  This will continue up to the end of January, the date of the next reunion of the Council of the WAP, which will draw conclusions from it.

Translated from French by Thomas Svolos


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